Diary of a dissatisfied customer

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The mirror site was created because British Gas tried to shut down this website using an American company to bully me, my web host and others into removing the pages.

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Feedback suggests there is wide interest in this subject and certainly more than I would have expected. Especially at the moment, people who are having problems with dampness (as well as substantial voids) associated with cavity wall insulation. Lay people who were not first informed of the risk involved. It is time something was done to raise the profile of the problems so ordinary people who are being ripped off by these rogue traders can start to assert their rights. To begin with perhaps a nationally focused website bringing victims of this commercial malpractice together with a view to some form of collective redress. If you are interested please email in strict confidence using either the email address or the mailing list.
What is happening ? – A builder is preparing a quotation for remedial work which will crucially include a provisional sum for the employment of a completely independent Chartered Surveyor appointed by the RICS to report on the situation and set down the irrefutable evidence on record. Remedial work itself will involve emptying the cavities, installation of ducted air bricks (neglected originally although mandatory) and refilling with beads and granules insulation. British Gas refuse to supply a method statement so I will have to implement my own. Once I have the quotation I can sue for that amount first in the County Court – The BBA will be dealt with separately as they have much to answer for.
Another interesting cavity wall insulation story can be seen here at the Northwich Guardian. Curiously enough I have personally surveyed some of the homes described in that area not so long ago but for a different purpose. The story illustrates that the industry is 'sick' as there is nil supervision. There is a reference to CIGA. Those involved may wish to know a bit more. If anyone else has stories, please send the links.
09.08.2013 An update has been posted including the inevitable British Gas dirty-tricks campaign.
There is an update from the British Board of Agrément who have provided some excellent information at last.  The product manufacturer Saint-Gobain contacted me for details of this matter so they could put me in touch with the correct office to answer my questions. It is a monster of an organisation. So big in fact that it seems to be taking them ages to find the right office. There is actually an office and address listed on the BBA Certification document if that helps.

This is the UK in the twenty first century and there is no doubt that everyone is deliberately dragging their heels and behaving like a banana republic. It demonstrates how useless the system is. There was even a barrier to contact with trading standards via my local council but I circumvented that by serving notice by letter. They have now confirmed by letter that the matter is on record. What usually happens then is that one TS somewhere in the UK collates all related complaints to build up a profile. The industry is obviously fundamentally flawed and corrupt.

I have now launched an initial tutorial on my top-down survey process. This may ultimately be housed in its own section depending on what happens in future. So far (as expected and perhaps inevitable) people are stalling as I wait for answers and you can all be witness to the dithering.
12.04.2013 An update has been posted as the insulation manufacturer has been in contact,
Meanwhile back at the ranch I had a visitor Tuesday night after 18.00 hours. A meter reader and that one sure as hell needed a bath. He called to read (check actually) my leccy meter. I let him him in and showed him the meter then I remembered I’d already paid the bill (dual-fuel) a few days earlier. He started to get a wee bit pushy when I questioned him but he’s obviously not in my league and I quickly had him nailed down.  My gas bills have gone downhill over the last three years owing to my many energy saving measures (no thanks to BG).  My leccy bills have now started to go down as well. They don’t like it do they. Affects profit. He was only checking the leccy meter to see if I have been fiddling. His hand-held gismo did not like the meter reading Tuesday night but as the serial number of the meter is kosher there’s nowt they can do.  Pity BG are not as honest and ethical as me.  They need to get their own house in order first.
31.03.2013 A response has been received from the BBA which can be seen here along with my reply.
I have now written to the certification body and the product manufacturer. Any delay is simply because I have been and still am busy.
Analysis of the results is to some extent limited but it is already clear now that some injection points occur in the middle of substantial voids. British Gas will be given one last opportunity to cooperate. After that the County Court is my only option.
23.02.2013 Thermography results are now online.
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